AZARATH is probably the most extreme Death Metal bands that Poland ever brought up. The band was formed in the Autumn of 1998 by four sickos including Inferno (of BEHEMOTH and WITCHMASTER fame) on drums, D. on guitars, Bart (ex- DAMNATION) on guitars and Bruno on bass and vocals. After recording two rehearsal demos they signed to Pagan Records and released their debut album "Demon Seed". The album consists 10 songs of a sickeningly brutal and deafening Death Metal wrapped in an utterely filthy production that mows down the competition!
The album was released in 2001 and almost two years passed until AZARATH entered a recording studio again. This time they trusted "Hendrix" Studio (a place known from recordings of such bands as BEHEMOTH, MISTERIA, VADER and many others). A result is "Infernal Blasting" - almost 30 minutes of devastating Death Metal which has moved this genre's boundaries as far as it is possible. The material was released in December of 2003. 
In 2006  the hell has been unleashed again and now we have the most extreme Death Metal album in Poland ever - “Diabolic Impious Evil”. DIE!
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