Trilogy CD 1998 
Unholyunion/Daemoonseth Act II 2CD 2000 

CHRIST AGONY has ever since been an unique project of individualism and reached Cult status due to the dark and emotion filled atmosphere created by the leader. Masterminded by charismatic vocalist/guitar player Cezar, the band actually begun in 1990. Their two demo tapes showcased a new original style of blackened, emotional yet powerful music. 

1993 saw the release of ‘Unholyunion’ (Carnage Records/Baron) - CHRIST AGONY’s debut fullenght album that bought forth first tour offers and a lot of recognition for CHRIST AGONY in general. The next step was ‘Daemoonseth Act II’ album, released in 1994 on French label Adipocere Records and sold in thousands copies. It was after this that CHRIST AGONY received a lot of offers and sign with Cacophonous Records where they released their third masterpiece ‘Moonlight Act III’. 

The fourth album ‘Darkside’ was a kind of new experience, bringing more atmospheric and melancholic stuff with the lyrical inspiration from XVIIth century British poetry. It was released on Hammerheart Records from Holland and supported on European tour with BEHEMOTH and HELHEIM. Soon after Cezar decided to take break with the band and started to work on his solo project - MOON, with whom released two successful albums ‘Daemon’s Heart’(Pagan Records, 1998)and ‘Satan’s Wept’ (System Shock/Pagan, 1999). 

CHRIST AGONY returned to life in November 1997 and their next two albums ‘Trilogy’ (Pagan Records, 1998) and ‘Elysium’ (Metal Mind, 1999) were a kind back to the roots releases with more aggressive and brutal compositions, bringing forth the diabolical spawn - Satanic Black Metal at it’s best. Spells of darkness and death has been casted once again, and now it’s time for Satan’s coronation...
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