CSSABA is a one-man minimal project created by Nihil, well-known from Massemord, Furia or Morowe. After highly acclaimed album "Toxic Cssaba" (2009) and mini LP "Like a see e ea gull" (2010), CSSABA returns with second full-lenght album "Underground lo-fi Songs" to be released on Pagan Records on December, 6th 2012.
While not many industrial black metal bands possess the ability to go at these styles half a half, CSSABA is one of the few entities which can truly balance the two.The hypnotic pulsing trance rhythms, low tuned, grim guitars and evil vocals make "Underground lo-fi songs" an consistently inventive and interesting album that simply destroys about 99% of the previous attempts to bridge these musical genres. According to Nihil "it's a collection of eight folk-mining songs about the charm of living and wandering deep in the underground, through old desolate mines ". Recommended to listen at high volume, alone in utter darkness.

line up:
Nihil - everything

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