DEMONIC SLAUGHTER  have been dwelling within the Polish black metal underground for a period of time in which they have clearly spearheaded themselves as one of Poland’s most prominent acts within the scene.

The band was formed in 2006 by Xaos Oblivion (vocals, guitar) and Perversor (bass, lyrics). They soon recruited drummer W. and recorded their first EP “Dignity of Terror”, released in 2007, followed next year by another EP “Demonic Possesion” and their first full-length “Cold Disease of Reality” in 2009.

In 2010 as DEMONIC SLAUGHTER was to begin recording their second album "Souless god's Creation" W. left the band, replaced by a session drummer Nuklear Kriss (ex- Blaze of Perditon, Ravendusk).

2011 saw the release of third album “Revelations of Death” – so far the most old school death metal oriented album by the band.  The death metal influence was still noticeable on the split with Deception, entitled "Worshippers of the Darkness" released in 2012. The following EP “Dark Essence” released the same year was return to the old sound, influenced  by Scandinavian black metal.

At dawn of 2012, DEMONIC SLAUGHTER signed to Pagan Records and recorded their fourth and most mature and accomplished album “Downfall”, representing band’s continued path of worshipping the old gods of Norwegian black metal. Nuklear Kriss took over the drums again and Xaos Oblivion recorded all the remaining instruments and vocals. “Downfall” consists of eight hymns with lyrics written by Perversor, telling about collapse and decay of the mankind, influenced by the philosophy of Nietzsche and  Schopenhauer.

line up:
Xaos Oblivion - vocals, guitars, bass
Nuklear Kriss - drums
Perversor - artwork, lyrics

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