The Forgotten Arts demo 1995
Forever Alone.Immortal. CD 1996
Dionysos CD 1997
Maior Arcana (The Words That Turn Flesh Into Light) CD 1998
My Guardian Anger CD 1999

The Occult Metal odyssey started in the late months of 1994 when LUX OCCULTA was formed by two guitar players Peter and G'Ames, who soon completed the line-up with Jaro.Slav. (voice), Aemil (drums), Jackie (bass) and U.Reck (keyboards). In July 1995 the band managed to self finance the recording session of their debut demo 'The Forgotten Arts' that proved to be a great success and gained them a multi album deal with Pagan Records. 

The tape was immediately followed by the sinister 'Forever Alone.Immortal.' album (September, 1996). The gloomy, suicidal sounds of the album marked them as one of the best newcomers in the underground scene. A couple of weeks after the release of 'Forever Alone.Immortal.' the band separated with drummer Aemil, soon replaced by Kriss with whom LUX OCCULTA entered the studio again to record three new songs (later released as 'Maior Arcana' Mini CD on Pagan Records) and a cover of KAT (Poland) for tribute album, where they appeared with VADER, LUCIFERION, BEHEMOTH, DAMNATION and others.. 

In the Summer of 1997, ten months after the relese of their debut LUX OCCULTA began work on their second full-lenght 'Dionysos'. The album dedicated to the Greek deity of paradox gave the new meaning to such adjectives as Beautiful, Aggressive and Dark. In 1998 LUX OCCULTA parted ways with G'Ames and Jackie who were replaced by two young, talented musicians in the shape of Vogg and Martin. During 1998 the band was kept very busy with playing live in Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic with such bands as FORSTH, KRABATHOR, DAMNATION, SACRIVERSUM, CHRIST AGONY, HATE, DARK FUNERAL to name a few... 

Nineteen hundred and ninety nine AD, the Third Opus of LUX OCCULTA is arriving, deceitfully entitled 'My Guardian Anger', fans of 'Forever Alone.Immortal.' and 'Dionysos' beware, the sound of LUX OCCULTA is renewed and redefined. The band spent over one month on recording/ mixing and the production is just brillant. Compared to earlier releases 'My Guardian Anger' is even more beautiful, more emotional and more aggressive. It's Metal music that knows no boundaries...
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