Forged in the bowels of Silesia, Poland, MASSEMORD arose from the depths in 2000 by band’s founders and mainstays Nihil (guitars) and Namtar (vocals). Within next few years enriched by Sars, Voldtekt & Priest has become a full line-up fist of depravation with numerous works of decay. They have released some demos that laid the path for the albums soon to come, on whose MASSEMORD have carved their own path through black metal.  Throughout the years, the band’s songs have become more varied than ever, incorporating the roots of black metal but showing an openness towards different styles. New release "A Life-giving Power of Devastation " welds Namtar’s insane vocals with crushing heaviness of guitars and pummeling drums to generate an album teeming with musical prowess  and hatred towards everything. Just the perfect mix of devastating blackness and crushing production.

hate us.

Formed in 2000.
The members are also involved in black metal band Furia.

...And Blade Still Too Clean - demo 2002
Another Holocaust Rises - demo 2003
Promo 2003
Silesian Fire - live album 2003
Hatred Towards Mankind And Life Itself - demo 2004
Let The World Burn - album 2007
The Whore of Hate - album 2008
Notes of Antihate Profound - EP 2010
The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices of Livid Hope - album 2010
A Life-giving Power of Devastation 2013

namtar - vox
nihil - guitars, synth
voldtekt - guitars
sars - bass
priest - drums

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