Masquerade of Shadows CD 2000
Universe Funeral CD 2002


MISTERIA started in 1996 by an idea of guitar player/ vocalist Mariusz and drummer Pawel. After some months of playing in a garage they written their first songs and they completed the line up with the second guitarist - Tomek. 
After nearly two years of rehearsing MISTERIA entered the studio and recorded two first songs: "Death-Dream Journey" and "Yearning". That material was simply entitled "Promo'98" and mainly meant for promotion and interested labels. Some time later those songs were released on four-way split "Epicentrum". 

In February/March 1999 MISTERIA yet having no record deal, entered the Manek Studio to record their debut album entitled "Masquerade of Shadows". The album due some problems was fimished and mastered in December 1999. It contains seven tracks that are original and emotional combination of diferent Metal styles. 

The advance songs from "Masquerade of Shadows" attracted interest of many labels, including Pagan Records to whom MISTERIA signed in Summer 2000 and in effect "Masquerade of Shadows" was unleashed upon the earth in late 2000. 

The next album, "Universe Funeral" was recorded and released in 2002. It was another step further and brought original music that owes something to "modern" Black Metal, Doom, Death Metal and even Folk. MISTERIA incorporate the best elements of those styles to create a majestic, mystical amalgam of sounds that is not easily forgotten. The songs benefit greatly from imaginative, orchestral structures and technically adept musicanship.

After this release Misteria was divided in two bands. Maniek (the mastermind behind the band), Nowy and G.R.A.B.A.Ż. continue their work with two new musicans as MYSTERIA. 

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