current line up:
Bloodwhip - guitar
Defekator - guitar
Diabolizer - drums
Grave - bass guitar
Nekrophiliac - vocals


With the main aims of spreading the Word of Satan, perversion and alcohol, Polish Black ’n’ Roll machine MORDHELL has been releasing works of audio terror since 2003. Their prophecy was and still is to craft purified, dirty and ugly Black Metal in the true vein of the early 90-ties Norwegian Black Metal, and focused on spreading the unholy message through their blasphemous lyrics.

In 2003 the debut demo recording entitled "Sadistic Pleasure" was unleashed upon the world, followed next year by EP "Cut yourself and die!!!". 2006 saw some line up changes and  the release of another EP "Suicide Blood". The band spent 2008 focusing on recording their debut full-length album "Grim, Old and Evil".

At the turn of the 2010/2011, accompanied by new talented musicians MORDHELL did some successful live performances. Apart from a live shows, the band was busy with composing and  recording their second full-length album "Suffer In Hell". After being offered a couple of record-proposals from different labels, MORDHELL  finally decided to settle on Pagan Records. The new album "Suffer In Hell" is quintessential MORDHELL: simple, caustic and crammed with filthy Black'n'Roll hooks. An album of obsessive morbid grimness and ugly primeval Black Metal seething with a pissed-off madness that demands to be heard!

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