Temple Of The Scorn CD 2008


The band was founded in 1996 under the name of Misteria, and ever since has been looking for new ways to express their original ideas despite current fashions and trends. In 1999 the first official release "Masquerade of Shadows" was recorded and the band signed a deal with Pagan Records. The second full-lenght "Universe Funeral" was finished in 2002. After this release Misteria was divided in two bands. Maniek (the mastermind behind the band), Nowy and G.R.A.B.A.Ż. continue their work with two new musicans as MYSTERIA. 

"Temple of The Scorn" is a natural progression from former albums delving further into the realm of experimentation of ideas and atmospheres. Started with a black, thrash and death metal infuences, going through folk MYSTERIA arrived to a much more personal and more generes involved songwriting, today. Expressive and expansive sound with elaborate avant-garde and progressive elements make "Temple of The Scorn" their most innovative and massive album so far.

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