...And Jesus Wept CD 2001


NIGHTLY GALE comes from South of Poland, where was formed in January 1996. The first demo "Dream of Dark Hour" was released some months later. The tape featured emotional, painful and dark Doom Metal inspired by MY DYING BRIDE, UNHOLY or KATATONIA. The next tape was called "The Bleeding Art". It was released and circulated throughout the underground, usually getting critical praise and gained the interest of Doom Metal fans worldwide. Next tape was released in 1999 and called "Erotica". It also got outstanding reviews from the press all over the world. Pagan Records was not in doubt offering NIGHTLY GALE a record deal. 

Debut album "...And Jesus Wept" was recorded and mixed in the Spring 2001. The album presents five very long and obscure compositions exhibiting a clash of misery, insane passion and solitude. The music features monumental, depressive passages along with fierce Black Metal-like vocals. "...And Jesus Wept" is great, promising output which definitely will open some doors for NIGHTLY GALE. This is with no doubt "must be heard to be understood" type of album...

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