Na Polach Bitew CD 2006


Slavonic Pagan Black Metal warriors NORTH belongs to the cult first wave of True Polish Black Metal of early 90's along with BEHEMOTH, GRAVELAND, HERMH, SACRILEGIUM and INFERNUM. The band was founded in December 1992 by Sirkis and Thorn. After the very first rehearsal tape "Entering the Dark Kingdom" they were joined by bassist Sabesthor and recorded "Promo '94" and soon later their debut album "Thorns on the Black Rose" (Astral Wings Records). 

In 1995 NORTH entered a studio to record a split MCD "Jesienne Szepty" with SACRILEGIUM (Black Arts Prod.) and a second full-length CD "From the Dark Past", released again by Astral Wings Records in 1998. 

After several line-up changes they were back with a cover song of legendary Polish metal band KAT which was put on a tribute-album "Czarne Zastepy - Tribute to KAT" (Pagan Records). Later two unreleased songs were used on 3-way split CD with GROM and MARHOTH - "Sovereigns of Northenlands". Third album titled "Korona" (The Crown) was recorded in 2001 and self-released by the band. 

Three new songs were recorded in 2005 to be released by EastSide as another split CD with GROMOWLADNY ("Lechia, Slawia, Aria"). During a spring time of 2005 one new track was recorded on split CD with GRAVELAND, NOKTURNAL MORTUM and TEMNOZOR, yet unreleased. 

In the end of 2005 NORTH signed with Pagan Records and started recordings for their fourth album "Na Polach Bitew" (In The Battlefields).

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