Total Regression! CD (split z THRONEUM) 2007
Shemhamforash CD 2007


Birth of the band in late January 2005 was inspired by guitarist Kaos. After his departure from HATE, without wasting any time, in collaboration with Shrapnel's vocalist Longinus and drummer Amon, ex musician of METHOD, he started to compose new material. Some of the songs were actually made in the HATE period, and now it was only a question of time to make them sound like unleashed hell! 
Summer this very year, bassist Swordmaster has joined the band. Without any useless talks, this line up started to work hard on the songs, lyrics and bone crushing sound of "Unholy Goatfuck". The recording sessions took place in autumn, between September and November 2005 in L.A. Studio in Warsaw. The whole material was recorded and engineered by Chris. After the mixing and adding some extra special effects, like goat howling, bomb blasting, funeral bells and MP 40 gun shooting, the "unholy" CD was send to Tomash, from Time Before Time Records. Artwork was prepared by Kaos and band's friend Mr. D. Album was released in December 2006. 

The next move was the recording session for split album with unholy old school maniacs from Throneum. Revelation of Doom recorded 7 deadly tracks - 2 of them are their own compositions and the rest are covers of the ancient metal gods like Hellhammer, Sodom, Terrorizer, Blasphemy and Pandemonium. After recording of this material the band split up with their former vocalist Longinus. He was replaced by the mind blowing beast - Analripper. With the new vocalist Revelation of Doom performed at the Maagal Fest at the Warsaw club Progresja. The concert was recorded and than released as a split tape with blasphemers from Empheris. The tape is called "Anthems from the Alcoholic Hell" and is strictly limited - there are only 108 copies. 

Meanwhile, the split CD titled "Total Regression" was released by Pagan Records in February 2007. At present, the band is working on the new material which will be included on the new album to be recorded in May 2007 for Pagan Records. New tracks are fucking killers! 

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