Sathanas is a death metal band from New Brighton, Pennsylvania USA. The band was formed in 1988 by Paul Tucker as a result of a dying metal scene and lack of good local talent to perform metal, but disbanded in 1989, only to reform several years later. Sathanas' music has always maintained an old school death / thrash metal sound with bone crunching guitars, pounding bass tempos, and bludgeoning drum rhythms topped off with growling lead and guttural backing vocals. Lyrically Sathanas music is anti-Christian, painting dark soundscapes laden with apocalyptic imagery.

Sathanas released their infamous demo "Ripping Evil" in 1988 at Watson's Recordings, famous for the classic track "Jaws Of Satan" which has been covered by a host of bands including Occult and most recently by Vulture Lord. In 1992 Paul was joined by bassist Bill Davidson who is still an active 
member in Sathanas today. The next Sathanas release was a 7"vinyl issued on Reaper Records of Belgium in 1994 entitled "Ripping Evil". Due to a revolving door of drummers Sathanas would not release any material until  the Armies Of Charon CD on Supernal Music of London in 1999. Signing with Cybertzara Productions (Blackmetal.com) in 2001 Sathanas released the CD's "Black Earth" and "Thy Dark Heavens", followed later that year by the MCD "Cruentus Diabolos" on Drakkar Productions of France. Thy Dark Heavens was supported by a small European tour, gaining the band more fans 
from across the Atlantic. 
In 2002 Sathanas released the Sathanas/Bathym split CD "Jaws Of Satan" for From Beyond  Productions of Holland. Jaws Of Satan featured old live Sathanas recordings of the original lineup as well as the entire "Ripping Evil" demo. The split CD showcased songs from Bathym, a short lived project put together by Paul Tucker after the disbanding of Sathanas in 1989.

2003 would see the release of the rare and highly sought after 7" vinyl "Warlords Of Death" on Agonia Records of Poland. Once again with drummers coming and going Paul and Bill were joined by Jim Strauss, who performed on the infamous "Rites Of The Black Mass" CD by Acheron. Finally with a solid and dedicated line up, Sathanas recorded "Entering The Diabolic Trinity" for Pulverised Records of Singapore in 2005. "Entering The Diabolic Trinity" displays definite growth and maturing of Sathanas both musically and lyrically.

In June of 2005 Sathanas returned to Europe to perform at the Festung Open Air Festival before an anxious and hungry crowd in Bitterfeld Germany, followed by an appearance at Extreme Aggression IV in Leeuwarden Holland. Having received great acclaim and excellent reviews from metal magazines both in print and online including featured articles in Metal Maniacs and Pit Magazine, "Entering The Diabolic Trinity" has proven to be Sathanas most powerful release to date. Sathanas are currently preparing to record their new CD entitled "Crowned Infernal" for Pulverised Records, slated for a spring of 2007 release. In addition to "Crowned Infernal" are the releases of the long awaited MCD "Flesh For The Devil" on Pagan Records of Poland, and "Hex Nefarious" on Death To Mankind Records of Spain. SATHANAS recorded next album “Crowned Infernal” in April/May of 2007 for Pulverised Records. 

SATHANAS recently entered into a two CD deal with Pagan Records of Poland. Displaying noticeable development both musically and lyrically, SATHANAS recorded next full-length “Nightrealm Apocalypse” in November 2008 at Inner Tube Studios in Ambridge, PA, USA. The master discs were then sent to Stockholm, Sweden for mixing and mastering by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios. "Nightrealm Apocalypse" is scheduled for release in February 2009. EUROPEAN EXCOMMUNICATION TOUR 2009 with Nun Slaughter to support the album, starts in March.

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