THRONEUM was established in summer 1996 under the name THRONE. Influenced by thousands of 80's and early 90's Death/Speed/Black/Thrash Unholy Gods, THRONEUM is one of the most well known bands coming from Poland. They need no further introduction for most of true blackened death metal fans. With fourth full lenght albums and tons of tapes, splits and Ep's released on such labels as Displeased, Deathgasm, Pagan, Apocalyptor, Hellsheadbangers, Metal War, Deathstrike and From Beyond (to name a few) THRONEUM is back on Pagan Records with their most bestial album so far 'Deathcult Conspiracy". Since it's beginning THRONEUM stands in opposition to all these happy/hippies pseudo death/black metal craps of today! No originality, no own style, no musical progress, but only aggressive, raw and ugly Metal as it should be - that's the only goal of the band!!! THRONEUM was born in deepest hell dungeons back in 1996.

Current line-up:
Tomasz - The Great Executor
Marek - Termonuclear Philosopher

If you aren't into Necrovore, Terrorizer, Blasphemy, Nihilist, Bestial Warlust, Possessed, Imperator, Asphyx and Merciless - keep away
from THRONEUM!!! That's Pure Total Death - THRONEUM takes no prisoners!!!

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