Comedy Is Over
Suffocated In Slumber
Crash Test - Live


TRAUMA is one of the oldest and most experienced Death Metal band in Poland. They were formed in the middle '80's under the name THANATOS and recorded their first two demo tapes "Deo Optimo Maximo" and "Out Of Sanity" more than 12 years ago - before most of today bands were even founded. 

Then in 1992 the band change their name to TRAUMA nad released their third demo "Invisible Reality", which received great reviews in various magazines (Aardshock, Close-Up, Rock Hard, Metal Hammer...) and sold in several thousand copies, spreading the name of the band very well. 

In 1996 TRAUMA recorded their debut album "Comedy Is Over", which was released on Vox Mortis Records later the same year. Unfortunately the label soon ended its existence and in result the album had very little promotion and was available in cassette format only. 

The next year TRAUMA got a deal with Pagan Records which released their next album "Daimonion" - a release consisting of two parts - brand new songs and old stuff from 1992, originally featured on the "Invisible Reality" demo. 

The newest album "Suffocated In Slumber" was recorded in the Spring of 2000 and features all brand new material. TRAUMA style of Death Metal is brutal and aggressive, but very complex. The musicanship is brillant and all this results in a fresh, original sound being not influenced by any particular 'school'. "Suffocated In Slumber" will show you why they're one of the best Death Metal bands of today..

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