The Lament of Gods
His Majesty At The Swamp


Everyone knows it. About the ancient Greece being cradle of European culture and the Greece of today being the source of very special, southern type of Black Metal. It is obvious that both the foundations and the peak achievements of this Greece' very own style belong to the Unholy Trinity consisting of ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA and VARATHRON. The first mentioned band doesn't play anymore the music that infected thousands of black hearts worldwide. The second one remains silent for years. And VARATHRON… 

…we're proud to welcome VARATHRON in the ranks of PAGAN RECORDS! We have this honor to present the new material of the Old Gods to the whole world, the material that proves the old truth - true cult never dies! 

And everything begun on a stormy Autumn night of 1989, when Necroabyssious, Mutilator, John and Captain Death have recorded their legendary demo - "Procreation of Unaltered Evil". The tape, in spite of its poor sound quality, has immediately became a part of Dark Art history. The spell had been cast! At the beginning of 1991 the next demo of VARATHRON - "Genesis of Apocryphal Desire" - was recorded and a month after their official debut release was unleashed in the shape of 7"EP "One Step Beyond Dreams" on Black Vomit Records. Yet it was the year 1992 that brought VARATHRON a cult band status and the great respect in the world of Metal. 

That was the time when one of the most legendary releases of Greek underground scene saw the light of the day -VARATHRON / NECROMANTIA split album entitled significantly "Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins". When you have such a trump in your hand it is not difficult to get a record deal. VARATHRON chooses the offer of Dutch Cyber Music, which in the end of 1993 releases their debut full length "His Majesty At the Swamp". The album itself was truly great, unfortunately the label wasn't able to promote it properly and the success was not as big as one should expect. Quite frustrated with the whole situation, Greek Black Metallers decided to trust their countrymen of Unisound Records and that label unleashed VARATHRON's second opus, German-titled "Walpurgisnacht". Unfortunately, the album missed it's target… 

The band disappears from the scene for a while. One can hardly find anything about VARATHRON in the Metal press, not to mention any new releases. But if you think that band was dead you were damn wrong! The Greek glorifiers of Darkness were writing their new material and waiting for their time to come… VARATHRON's first release under the black banner of PAGAN RECORDS, was the mini-album entitled "THE LAMENT OF GODS". Four original compositions, filled with dark and sinister melodies, as well as thrilling cover version of MERCYFUL FATE classic "Nuns Have No Fun", shall smash to pieces all your doubts about who is the leader of today's atmospheric Black Metal scene! 

Late 2000 sees the re-release of VARATHRON's cult debut "His Majesty At The Swamp" with a bonus track, completely new design and one unreleased bonus track.

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