Violence & Blasphemy
Masochistic Devil Worship


WITCHMASTER was formed at Walpurgisnacht 1996 by members of the most mystical Polish Black Metal band PROFANUM: Geryon (guitars/vocals) and Reyash (bass/vocals). With the addition of Vitold on drums WITCHMASTER recorded their first rehearsal demo 'Thrash or Die'. The next studio tape 'No Peace At All' was released in 1997. One song of that demo was featured on free Pagan Records sampler CD 'Sounds of the Apocalypse vol.1' and attracted the interest of several record labels including Metalion's Head Not Found and Merciless Records. 

In 1999 WITCHMASTER signed to Pagan Records and here we proudly present their debut fullenght album 'Violence & Blasphemy'. WITCHMASTER call their style as 'Satanic Metal Slaughter' and it's combination of Black Metal with it's filthness and wickedness, blasting Speed Metal and devastating, crushing Thrash from the 80's era, but no cheap rip off, recycling or stupid retro shit here! WITCHMASTER walk the barbaric path of ancient Black/Death power and stands for the True Metal. The album features 14 original songs plus cover version of Canadian Cult act - BLASPHEMY. Soon after releasing the album Inferno (BEHEMOTH) joins WITCHMASTER on drums. 

The second album "Masochistic Devil Worship" was released in may 2002. If you think that there's no cool underground bands in the underground anymore and everything is too commercial then try WITCHMASTER - Satan's personal force to crush posers.

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