[27.01.2016] Nantur of SACRILEGIUM Comments About New Single "Angelus".

Please find below a lengthy and fascinating comment from Sacrilegium's Nantur about their new single ("Angelus") and the different remix interpretations of it by other artists.

Initially, “Angelus” along with another track, was supposed to represent in what direction Sacrilegium is heading today. After some time I thought to add a promotional remix. From what I remember, our friends from ROD were the first choice.

We have known each other for many years. ROD’s openness to different music genres and, especially, imagination guaranteed that their interpretation of our track would be very interesting. As it eventually turned out, our choice was brilliant.

To our surprise, a few more of our friends were interested in offering their own interpretation of “Angelus”. Juoni, from In Slaughter Natives, struggled the most with the track.  I met him many years ago at one of his concerts in Prague. Our paths did not cross many times throughout all of these years but, nonetheless, I could get acquainted with the fruit of his work, which in no way disappoints. In Slaughter Natives was one of the flagship projects of my favourite record label, Cold Meat Industry, through which some of my friends also released their albums. To this day, together with Aldenon of Coph Nia I raise toasts to the Polish-Scandinavian Luciferian union.

The remix from Zenial was supposed to be – in our opinion – another difficult track for the devil's retinue to receive. It turned out, however, that his interpretation is very “accessible”. I always valued his subtle approach to the sound he created, along with the perseverance in working at many levels. Under this stage name (Zenial) hides Lukasz Szalankiewicz, who I have met in one of the most important places for esoteric art in Katowice, Piastowskiej 1. That place still houses the studio of my late friend Andrzej Urbanowicz, who was a co-founder of the occult group, Oneiron, which had members such as Zdzislaw Beksinski. Andrzej was the missing link between the pre-war esoteric centre of Silesia’s Cieszyn and Cracow, and that what was slowly going to revive in the esoteric scene at the end of the 1960s in Poland. We used to have conversations all night long until the pale dawn about art, books and about crossing all the mental thresholds of consciousness – this is something which I really miss today.

The remix from Michal of Echoes of Yul is probably the most surprising interpretation of “Angelus”. My adventure with Echoes of Yul started on a freezing cold evening in Sopot (Poland), where we used to frequent – along with Maciej ‘Dragos’ Mehring (founder of Zoharum Records) - our favourite liquor temple called, if I remember correctly, “Tea with a Spirit”. I am absolutely convinced that the beautiful owners/waitresses added pure alcohol to our drinks. During one such expedition, Dragos gifted me the first Echoes of Yul sounds. I have to admit that during that evening, that project was the only thing on my mind. As it turned out, Echoes of Yul found its rightful home in Zoharum Records and I am still listening to their last record, which by the way is receiving fantastic reviews.

“Angelus” is receiving quite interesting reactions. This is, however, only a small taste of what will be audible on our newest album, Anima Lucifera, which will come out via Pagan Records in March.

is available now in digital format as well as a DigiFile CD edition limited to 500 copies.


1. Angelus (album version)
2. Angelus (remix by In Slaughter Natives)
3. Angelus (remix by Zenial)
4. Angelus (remix by Echoes of Yul)
5. Angelus (remix by ROD)
6. Angelus (demo version)

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