[11.05.2016] ABOVE AURORA lurch into the World with debut album on Pagan Records.

With menacing blackened doom, Poland’s ABOVE AURORA will announce themselves to the world on their debut record entitled "Onwards Desolation". Out 27th May from Pagan Records, the band has revealed the tracklist and artwork of the release.

Six tracks drift from atmospheric doom to propulsive black metal, building tension and releasing it in barrages. The ebb and flow of their darkness is hypnotic, lulling the listener into a state where the band can cast their ominous images into the mind; guitars create a loose, eery mistiness as the rhythm section controls driving counter-melodies and percussion. These songs have a formidable heft to them. Vocals do not take center-stage, but blend with the darkness around, giving them an unsettling character. The presence of this human voice does not comfort; its rough-edged tones instead form an uncanny face for the tracks, familiar enough for us to let the darkness in.

More details including pre-orders and glimpses of the record will be announced soon.

1. Vortex
2. Open the Wounds
3. Descending
4. Eradication of Light
5. Sweet Poison
6. Non Salva Me


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