THRONEUM - Mutiny Of Death

01. The Great Executor
02. Freedom With Fires of Hell
03. Pure Total Death
04. Goat Archangels of Lust
05. From Belial
06. Worship From Chaos
07. Hell-Leprous-Slaughter-Reign
08. New Nightmare Plague Has Born
09. Gravedancer
10. Black Souls' Crucifixion
11. Streams of Ancient Wisdom
12. Funeral


album info:

artist: THRONEUM
title: Mutiny of Death
format: CD / MC / 12"LP
playing time: 31:11
release date: January 2004
catalogue number: MOON 038
style: death black metal
availability: available

THRONEUM play blackened, nightmarish Death Metal the old way. Raw and straight to the point. They are heavily influenced by early Death metal bands from the 80's and early 90's like ASPHYX, ORDER FROM CHAOS, VENOM, POSSESSED, early SODOM, HELLHAMMER and so on. Yet they sound is still something fresh. Another dark & ugly material of old-school Death/Black Metal band. Limited edition on vinyl will be available in Spring of 2004. Two covers (ASPHYX & CIANIDE) included. Death Terror Metal!

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