MYSTERIA - Temple Of The Scorn

01. Mulla Xul
02. Undying
03. New Nation (We Are)
04. Chaosphere (Prelude To Terror)
05. Terroritory (Inside My Kingdom)
06. Respect For Evil 
07. Never Before And After 
08. 32 Seconds of Rain
09. Pestilence of Mind
10. Cold Generation
11. Awakening (Folkien Part 3)
12. Metamorphosis


album info:

artist: MYSTERIA
title: Temple Of The Scorn
format: CD-slipcase
playing time: 50:00
release date: May 2008
catalogue number: MOON 053
style: metal with death, back, thrash and folk influences
availability: available

"Temple of The Scorn" is a natural progression from former albums delving further into the realm of experimentation of ideas and atmospheres. Started with a black, thrash and death metal infuences, going through folk MYSTERIA arrived to a much more personal and more generes involved songwriting, today. Expressive and expansive sound with elaborate avant-garde and progressive elements make "Temple of The Scorn" their most innovative and massive album so far.
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