SATHANAS - Nightrealm Apocalypse
01. Ever Falling Darkness
02. Prayers Of Armageddon
03. Cult Of Blood
04. Night Realm Apocalypse
05. Black Witching Millennium
06. One With Satan
07. DemonHellStorm
08. Kingdom Of The Damned
09. Prophecies Of Evils To Come
10. Revel In Death

album info:

artist: SATHANAS
title: Nightrealm Apocalypse
format: CD / CD-digipack /12" LP
playing time: 37:46
release date: 20 February 2009
catalogue number: MOON 057
style: black thrash death metal
availability: available

Seventh full length album from US black thrash death metal legends SATHANAS, and with no doubt the strongest release in band’s 20 year history. 10 songs of blasphemy and disgrace played in the obscure, raw old school style casting their evil spells with such titles as Ever Falling Darkness, Demonhellstorm or Black Witching Millennium. The gates are open again and the forces of the dark has been summoned, so be prepared for total demon hell storm in the spirit of old Metal! The album was mixed and mastered by Tore Sternja at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Available as regular jewel case CD, limited digipack and LP.
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