MORDHELL - Suffer In Hell
1. Smell of Burning Skin
2. Alcoholic Titfuckblast
3. Torment Till Death
4. You Are My Fucking Pornostar!!!!
5. I Shit On Your God
6. Graveyard Fuck
7. Princess-Faeces
8. Shut Up Cunt
9. Shit Blood And Metal Black
10. Destroy Yourself
11. Suffer In Hell
12. Dechristianize
13. Possessed By Alcohol
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album info:

artist: MORDHELL
title: Suffer In Hell
format: CD
playing time: 37:12
release date: 25.06.2011
catalogue number: MOON 070
style: black metal
availability: available

  • new full-lenght album from Polish Black ā€™nā€™ Roll machine MORDHELL
  • purified, dirty and ugly Black Metal in the true vein of the early 90-ties Norwegian Black Metal - simple, caustic and crammed with filthy Black'n'Roll hooks.
  • obsessive morbid grimness and ugly primeval Black Metal seething with a pissed-off madness that demands to be heard!
  • thirteen hymns of aggressive, down to the bone raw music highly recommended for fans of Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Heretic, Barathrum and old Celtic Frost
  • available as jewelcase slipcase CD
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