SATHANAS - La Hor De Lucifer

1. Forged In Eternal Fire
2. Engraved In The Book Of Death
3. Battle Of Bewitchment
4. La Hora De Lucifer
5. Dark Conjuring's
6. Hammer Of Demons
7. Nocturnal Reign
8. Blackest Hate

vinyl bonus tracks:
9. Angels Forsaken
10. Demons of The Dark



Queens of Steel

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album info:

artist: SATHANAS
title: La Hora De Lucifer
format: CD/LP
playing time: 31:130
release date: 29.05.2012
catalogue number: MOON 080
style: black thrash death metal
availability: available

  • 8th full-lenght album is typical SATHANAS style that is s powerful,
    fresh and full of energy, combining the obscurity of Black Metal, rawness of old Death Metal with the intricacies of old school Thrash
  • long awaited successor to Nightrealm Apocalypse from 2009,
    taking the dagger and plunges it right through the heart of the heavens,
    to watch the skies bleed for forgiveness
  • SATHANAS formed in 1988 and have been around for more than
    twenty years now with an unrelenting Old School Black Thrash attack.
    The band has really not progressed in any way from the days of their
    early days except in the most import...ant way! They’ve steadily become
    better and better at writing kick ass hymns to the horned one, painting
    dark soundscapes with visions of the apocalypse and the fall of mankind
  • Paul Tucker delivers well developed guitar leads and rhythms with
    raspy high end vocals. Bill Davidson follows up with punchy bass lines
    and bestial growls combined with a tempestuous blackened heartbeat
    driven by drummer Jim Strauss
  • This is not Metal for posers, this is for serious metal fans, who like
    their music to smash their face against a brick wall and live you there
    bloodied and wounded for the crows.
    available as standard jewel case CD and 12"gatefold vinyl
  • each version has different cover and lay out, the CD cover was
    painted by Kris Verwimp and the LP version by Chris Moyen
  • pre-listening at Pagan Records HAULIX and PROMONETICS:
    exlusively for magazines, webzines, radio stations and other media




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